Red Carpet Treatment

New Podcast!

The BRIT Awards with Mastercard have announced The Red Carpet Treatment, the new official BRITs podcast! Listen here.

The series is hosted by one of the UK’s most important YouTube creators and influencers, Nella Rose, and is recorded in a specially made Red Carpet studio.  In each episode pop stars walk and talk about their journey to one of the most iconic fashion and celebrity moments of the year - The BRIT Awards Red Carpet. Nella will discuss with her guests their personal journeys to pop stardom;  the songs, the friendships, the clothes and the emotions as they arrive at The O2 Arena for one of the most important milestones in their career.

This is a unique podcast about celebrity, style and personal growth, and clips from the podcast will also be made available on YouTube as guests strike a pose and reminisce about their careers to-date with Nella.  

Speaking about the podcast, Nella commented:
“I feel like I didn’t know anything about the people that I thought I knew the most - I felt like I was falling in love with them as I was interviewing them!” 

The first two episodes feature pop singer Ella Henderson - whose latest album went Top Ten on release earlier this year - and rapper and songwriter Ms Banks - who dropped her new EP ‘Bank Statement’ this summer.

Later episodes will feature GRACEY, Gabrielle, Joel Corry, Jordan Stephens, A1 x J1 and RAYE.

Check out the first two episodes HERE, available across podcast platforms, with video episodes available on The BRITs’ YouTube channel.

ELLA HENDERSON EPISODE 1 - Ella talks to Nella about learning to sing, her career, being on the X Factor, Tulisa, Rylan Clark, body confidence, being at the BRITs, red carpet looks, social media, shooting music videos and…pineapples.

On learning to sing:
“I'm the youngest of four. I've got two big brothers and then an older sister…maybe it comes from that thing of when you're the youngest, you have to kind of like shout to be heard. 
And I just always loved music, anything that made noise when I was a baby, we had a piano in the house, but nobody played it. And I was just completely attracted to it and would always go sit and play. I loved writing poetry in school. And I think that, and the piano at home together, formed my songwriting from a young age.”

On going on X Factor and being mentored by Tulisa:
“What attracted me to it the most the year I auditioned, they invented a new rule. And you could audition with your own material, your own songs. And that was what drew me towards it. Because I was like, ‘I just want to get feedback from someone in the industry, a producer or someone behind the scenes, I don't expect to get on the show, I'm probably not going to get on the show’. And that was kind of what drew me towards it. And then I kept getting through the rounds into bootcamp and judges homes and I just kept getting through and through and through…. I always, always say it's almost like a boot camp of the music industry. Like you have to learn things so fast. Because my goal was to always be a songwriter, and write for other people because I love writing music.”

“We got along so well. She called me her little cupcake.. that year she had a little bit of a tough time, but I feel like she actually was like a big sister to me. And I really, really got along with her. We still keep in touch now actually. And whenever I release a new song, she always reaches out and supports it.”

MS BANKS EPISODE 2 - Ms Banks talks to Nella about working with Little Mix, being in the company of royalty, making ‘Bank Statement’, being on stage with Nicki Minaj, getting red carpet ready, red carpet outfits and more!

On meeting Prince Harry:
“He said he likes me. He said he likes my eyelashes… look at him fighting for his wife. I respect it.

On her music:
“When I started originally, I was much more vulnerable and open about my story. I feel like, as I got bigger, my shield got bigger and I started just building up a wall. But you know, your fans gravitate towards you and they love you because they feel like they know you and I never wanted this to be just like a surface level rapper. I always want to make sure that I give them a bit of my story so they understand where I'm coming from.”

On getting the perfect red carpet look:
“I'm a big believer in undergarments. So I have good Spanx…Also good body makeup…that's the first thing I never used to know about red carpets because I was in the hood so my legs used to always be bruised up and what I should have done is put that body foundation on.”