British Breakthrough Week - Artist Spotlight: Ben Howard

Artist Spotlight: Ben Howard

In a mere 24 months, Ben Howard went from a young Devonshire singer-songwriter, to a household name known across the globe. His recent success has catapulted him to stardom. Now, he is one of rare few artists nominated in the British Breakthrough and British Male Solo Artist categories in the same year.

Maybe it’s because in just one short year he earned himself a record deal, self-recorded and released his beautiful platinum-selling debut album, Every Kingdom. The year was then mapped out on the motorways and back-roads of the UK and Europe, where Ben toured relentlessly as the demand to see him soared. Every single show sold out, and yet more tours were added and upgraded to bigger venues.

If you’ve ever seen him on stage, you’ll understand why. While he’s only experienced recent large-scale success, he’s been touring for years, perfecting his stage quality and ability to connect with his audience. That, combined with his poetic lyrics has left the world falling in love with him, and each other! Ben’s romantic ballads have sparked romances between more than a few happy couples.

Ben will tell you that the recording process behind the album contributed its lyrical tone. It is a record that turned out darker in its lyrical content and spirit than he imagined it would. Through that process and through experiences on the road, he and his bandmates grew to be a close knit unit, which undoubtedly plays a large part of the unique energies felt and perfect harmonies heard at any Ben Howard gig.

"I think people can hear that when the band and I play, we really mean it. I have always written songs that draw on my own emotions, and I don't want to try and hide any of it. I guess everyone relates to raw emotion." Ben explains.
Ben is something of an acoustic guitar whiz, having mastered the art of strumming, plucking and hammering the instrument for rhythmic purpose. He brings freshness to the form, gives it lustre, and making it all seem brand new, even as his songs have about them a quality of wisdom and a rootsy authenticity as old as the hills.