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Welcome - All New Site!

Trophy designed by John Marshall and sculpted by Robert Glover for BRIT Awards Ltd.

Welcome to the “Brand Spanking New” BRIT Awards website. This is the first time we have attempted to unlock the archive and have digitised over 4,000 photographs and over 30 hours of footage. Now you can really test your music memory and (possibly more importantly) the fashion of the time!!

Year by year, the visual snapshot of red carpet action; nominees, hosts, guest presenters, Winners and Performers are a remarkable testimony that the BRITs delivers you a unique and entertaining show. We are extremely proud that there are 30 years to share with you, and we just hope we can continue to deliver the standard of musical entertainment (with the sprinkle of excitement and frivolity) that The BRITs are renowned for over the next 30 years to come.